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LED Underglow

LED Underglow

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Underglow Kit comes with Installation and an app to control the lights!

In the car industry, underglow or ground effects lighting refers to neon or LED aftermarket car customization in which lights are attached to the underside of the chassis so that they illuminate the ground underneath the car. Underglow has become popular in car shows to add aesthetic appeal to the cars.

Stage 1 utilizes off the shelf Underglow with show modes and lighting that beats to the music! Stage 1 is your affordable Underglow!

Stage 2 utilizes Flow Series LED Strips running off our SYNC Controller which allows you to sync your Underglow with your Stage 2 Headlights! Stage 2 Underglow also covers more of the vehicle than Stage 1! Stage 2 Underglow also gives you unlimited customization with multiple color and show combinations! 

Stage 3 is our Chaser Underglow! Stage 3 runs the same equipment as Stage 2! Stage 3 also gets the blinker function!